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Committee Fired Up About Support for Vets at Annual Conservative Conference - The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee
U.S. Veterans
Hospice Committee
The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee is proud to announce that it has renewed its membership in the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.  The NCHV is dedicated to ending homelessness among veterans by shaping public policy, promoting collaboration, and building the capacity of service providers.

Our Mission

The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee is committed to standing up for the nearly 22,000 veterans who have no home and who are suffering from a terminal illness.  The Committee's mission is to lobby Congress to do right by our heroes and fund the establishment of a national network of hospices dedicated to caring for our homeless and ailing heroes.



Committee Fired Up About Support for Vets at Annual Conservative Conference

The Winter Conservative Political Action conference (CPAC) held in Washington, DC, recently is the premier gathering for right -of-center grassroots activists nationwide.  As the staff of the U.S. Veterans Committee worked the room, they were pleased to observe that many of the attendees and media were very receptive to hearing about our mission to bring hospice care to homeless and terminally ill veterans.

The year marks the 40th annual conference, hosted by the American Conservative Union.  At this gathering, elected leaders from Capitol Hill, politicians, issue advocates and think tanks, party operatives, media outlets, and grassroots supporters all had the opportunity to meet each other and talk about strategies for success in the 113th Congress with a wide range of issues. The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee staffers found most attendees to be supportive of our mission and interested in how they could lend a hand. Although no specific panel was dedicated to the issues of hospice care for veterans, veterans’ issues crept into many of the discussion panels and off-the-stage conversations at CPAC. Specifically, the attendees expressed growing concern about the backlog at the Veterans Administration regarding claims processing.  A recent info graphic from Americans for Limited Government published at website clearly illustrated the magnitude of the problem. (Click here to see chart.)

Although the Committee would note that the VA has been making strides to improve services across the board for veterans and to shorten the time it takes to process a claim, there is still more work to be done.


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Thanks from the VA

Petzel"Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of America's homeless Veterans and continuing support of our mission."

--Robert A. Petzel, M.D.
Under Secretary for Health (2010-2014)
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs