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Help our Homeless and Dying Veterans


The U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee has launched a new petition campaign urging Senators to tackle an issue rarely talked about on Capitol Hill: homeless veterans with terminal illnesses.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has found that at least 22,000 homeless veterans with terminal illnesses are sleeping on the cold and damp streets of America on any given night. These honorable veterans deserve dignified end-of-life care for their brave service to protect America, both at home and abroad. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs does provide hospice care to veterans who have permanent places to live, but there’s not enough hospice care specifically targeted to serve homeless veterans, who have specific problems gaining access to the system.

That’s where you can help. All U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee members are urged to sign and return your “Help Our Homeless and Dying Heroes” petition as soon as you receive it. We want to take as many of your signed petitions as possible with us as we work the halls of Congress on behalf of our ailing heroes.

U.S. Veterans Hospice Committee Works to Help Our Homeless and Dying Heroes

Homeless and dying veterans live on the very edges of society. Most people don’t think about them. They don’t have lobbyists; they don’t have family structures to pick them up when they are down. They simply live on the streets, afflicted with diseases such as Alzheimers, HIV/AIDS, or a myriad of chronic illnesses. Together, you and I can change that narrative.

You can help by putting pressure on Congress to finally connect the dots and create a network of hospice facilities for homeless veterans with terminal diseases. Your 2018 “Help Our Homeless and Dying Heroes” petition will be in your mailbox in early January, and it is imperative that you sign your petition and rush it back to the Committee in a timely manner.

These honorable veterans deserve a dignified way to spend their final hours, rather than dying scared and alone on the streets of this great country. We owe it to them.  It’s our duty. Your 2018 “Help Our Homeless and Dying Heroes” petition will be in your mailbox soon. Don’t let our American heroes down.


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For more information on how you can help terminally ill homeless veterans receive the proper end-of-life care they deserve, call 571-425-4159

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