Stand up for America's homeless veterans who suffer from terminal diseases.  Sign the letter to Congress demanding that our representatives fund a National Homeless Veterans Hospice Network. To sign the letter simply complete the form at the bottom.

To the United States Congress:

I am terribly concerned about the plight of our homeless veterans who are suffering from a chronic disease. These heroes have few options.  They will die alone in the streets unless our nation unites and dedicates itself to helping them.

Congress must act to help these brave souls and it should act now!

Caring for our homeless and dying heroes is a cause that should unite our nation.  However, to date these patriots who have sacrificed so much, are still facing death thinking that America no longer cares.  They feel forgotten and betrayed just when they need our nation’s comfort and love the most.

Most homeless and terminally ill vets are in that position through no fault of their own.  They are so sick they can’t hold down a job and pay their rent.  Or, they have had to sell everything they own to pay their medical bills.

The VA says there are over 50,000 veterans living on the street, and as many as 22,000 are suffering from a terminal illness.

This tragedy has gone on long enough.  Please take action to fund and build a National Homeless Veterans Hospice Network.